In the text below, we’ve tackled some quick points and addressed some of the misconceptions about RevGrips in order to explain the VALUE of our products.  We are passionate about what we do and we want to speak frankly about it.

Our Vision:

We currently produce Suspension Grips, Stems, and Hand Guards.  Our products are most likely more expensive than our competitors.  We make premium products in our own factory (in the USA) for riders looking for quality, comfort, and a distinct performance advantage.  We simply design and manufacture the products that we want to ride ourselves. 

There are plenty of cheaper options out there and that’s what’s cool about the industry, there’s something for every budget.  Here at RevGrips, we’re driven to design and manufacture something far superior and cost isn’t our primary focus.  Of course it’s a factor, but quality, performance, and innovation are our main objectives.

Since we manufacture our components in the USA and produce almost everything in house at RevGrips HQ, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer.  We are not simply a design house with a computer and a SolidWorks license.  Let’s be honest here, finding products for your MTB that are made in the USA is about as rare as getting your new derailleur to shift correctly without 30 minutes of tuning.    

Our Grips:

Although there are plenty of great reviews on our grips, there is also a bit of misinformation.  We guarantee that if you set aside your fixed grips and give RevGrips a shot, you won't be disappointed.  In fact, we've backed our grips with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from Day 1!

Once you open a box of RevGrips, you’ll quickly realize that our grips are nothing like anything else.  Our craftsmanship, quality, and performance are second to none…period.  We have a better system, with a few proprietary parts, and that simply costs much more to manufacture.  There’s nothing “overpriced” here.  It is impossible to make our Grip System perform the way it needs to, look the way it does, and provide the value it has, for the same price as other grips…just can’t do it.  The same reasoning applies to ALL RevGrips products.

The truth is, RevGrips are only SLIGHTLY more complicated than other grips since they are "suspension grips."  It takes a few more parts and pieces to SUSPEND a grip than it does to make a simple plastic/rubber sleeve like all other grips.  Our grips may take an extra minute or two to assemble, but it’s VERY easy, and we guarantee that’s it’s worth it.

Aluminum Bar ends are included with each set of RevGrips (Race and Pro) in order to help protect your investment.  Say goodbye to purchasing new grips every time you slap a rock or brush a tree.  There is nothing protecting foam grips and single lock grips from damage to the outside of the grip in a crash.  Not the case with RevGrips!  Even in the very unlikely event that our grip is damaged, each part is available separately so you don’t need to purchase a new kit to replace damaged parts. 

Many riders wear through grips pretty quickly. This can become quite expensive with other brands since they don’t offer separate parts.  RevGrips can be completely rebuilt for only $35 (Link Here).  This kit replaces every single wear item.  Once refreshed, your grips will perform as good as new. 

A friendly reminder for those who “don’t want their grips to move.”  Your hands are ALREADY moving on stationary grips.  This is why you’re getting blisters, hand fatigue, arm pump, etc.  You’re grabbing a stationary object as your body is rattling around and you're trying to hold on.  RevGrips make it significantly easier to control your bike and your hands will move the SAME as before.  There will be no difference except that your hands will now move WITH your grip instead of AGAINST it.  This effectively makes your most important point of contact much better and more comfortable.

RevGrips are currently available in 8 sizes and a multitude of colors.  With regards to grips, SIZE DOES MATTER!  Riding the wrong size grip is comparable to wearing the wrong size shoe.  It won’t matter how comfortable the shoes are supposed to be, without trying the proper size, you’ll never know.  If your grips aren’t comfortable, contact us and we will help get you to the right size.

Our Commitment:

We are very responsive to all customer requests and handle any customer service issues immediately.  We pride ourselves on our customer service and treat customers the exact way we wish other companies treated us.  It’s a very simple policy but it has been lost on too many businesses.  If you have a problem, we handle it. 

After being in the industry for several years now, we’ve probably heard it all.  We ALWAYS listen to feedback good and bad.  We’d like to end with saying how absolutely incredible our customers have been.  The positivity and hype surrounding our products has been completely overwhelming and humbling and we truly appreciate every bit of it.  It’s YOUR hard-earned money and you chose to upgrade your bike with OUR products.  For that, we couldn’t be more thankful.  It’s for these reasons that we strive to bring our own unique flair and spin to every single product we make. 

Thank you for allowing us to achieve incredible growth and continue making products for the community that we’re truly proud to be a part of!

– RevGrips