Buyers Guide

 Just a few helpful tips before you purchase.

  • There are TWO versions of RevGrips:  RACE and PRO.  Both Race and Pro are available in all 5 sizes and will fit a standard bicycle/ATV handlebar.  Size is VERY important.  For help with sizing click HERE.  RG5 is our most popular, followed by MediumLargeHalf-Waffle and Small.  

- PRO is by far the most popular Grip Set.  Pro kits include your choice of Colored Grips and Lightened Clamps as well as tuning washers to adjust feel/performance.  These retail for $89.95. 

- RACE is a more budget friendly setup without colors options, lightened clamps or a tuning kit.  Riders wanting to save money but still looking for the ultimate in comfort/performance choose these.  They retail for $59.95 and ALL parts are compatible with PRO so you can upgrade at any time.

  • All mounting hardware is the same for each grip size.  The only difference is the Grip Sleeve itself.  Because of this design feature, you can change sizes by simply purchasing a different set of Grip Sleeves.  

  • You do not need to purchase a new set of grips each time they wear out.  You can rebuild/replace parts as needed (LINK HERE).  The most popular option is our COMPLETE REBUILD KIT which retails for $35.  This option provides a lot of value and will save riders quite a bit of money over time.  

 - The SLI System is a PRO Series kit integrated with an IBIS Handlebar and is currently out of stock.