Buyers Guide

RevGrips are made to improve comfort and performance on any Bicycle, Personal Water Craft, or Thumb Throttle Vehicle (such as an ATV).  They also come in handy on Grab Bars in UTV's or other Off-Road Vehicles.  We don't currently offer twist throttle systems but those will be available in the near future.  Below you'll find a few tips to help you with your purchase. 

  • There are TWO versions of our Suspension Grips:  RACE and PRO.  Both are available in all 8 sizes and will fit a standard bicycle/ATV handlebar.  Size is VERY important.  We suggest choosing a size closest to what you're already using.  For help click HERE.  RG5 is our most popular Ergonomic size, followed by Medium in our Standard Sizes.  

- PRO  is by far the most popular Grip Set.  Pro kits include your choice of Colored Grips and Lightened Clamps as well as tuning washers to adjust feel/performance.  These retail for $89.95. 

- RACE  is a more budget friendly setup without colors options, lightened clamps or a tuning kit.  Riders wanting to save money but still looking for the ultimate in comfort/performance choose these.  They retail for $59.95 and ALL parts are compatible with PRO so you can upgrade at any time.

  • All mounting hardware is the same for each grip size.  The only difference is the Grip Sleeve itself.  Because of this design feature, you can change sizes by simply switching to a different set of Grip Sleeves.  

  • You do not need to purchase a new set of grips each time they wear out.  You can rebuild/replace parts as needed (LINK HERE).  The most popular option is our COMPLETE REBUILD KIT which retails for $39.95.  This option provides a lot of value and will save riders quite a bit of money over time.  

 - The SLI System is a PRO Series kit integrated with an IBIS Handlebar and is currently out of stock.