Complete Rebuild Kit

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The standard rebuild kit includes 2 Grip Sleeves, 4 Suspension Insert Rings (the new style), 2 expanding bar end plugs, and 4 Clamp Screws.  These are the parts needed to completely rebuild your grips back to new condition.  Click here for sizing information

GripShift rebuild kit includes 1 Standard Grip Sleeve, 1 GripShift Sleeve, 2 Insert Rings (Race or Pro), 1 Eliminator/GripShift Insert Ring, 2 expanding bar end plugs and 4 Clamp Screws. GripShift Grips are only available in BLACK.  We do not offer colors at this time.

Choose Size, Color, and type of insert you'd like (Race or Pro).  Race (Soft) Inserts and Pro (Firm) Inserts are interchangeable.