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Mr. Mike Metzger and the Metzger World Bikes race team ride RevGrips!!


Rick Ealy (Facebook) Sept. 13th, 2016 - 5 star review
Awesome grips and excellent customer service. Truly innovative product. For riders, by riders... Made in the USA!! 




Vincent M. Casiano (Facebook) August 5, 2016
I can't say enough about these grips. I just finished the stage race in Leadville 104 miles over three days. Hopefully next year I'll be able to do it all in one day. Bottom line though is that there are several sections of that course especially the downhill trail after you finally reached the top of powerline that's full of chunky rocks. The built-in suspension of these groups made a very difficult trail a lot more manageable. Normally on a three-day race of that length my hands and wrists would have been extremely fatigued and gone numb at times. Amazingly it didn't happen and I can only attribute this to revolution suspension grips. The guy that invented these things is a genius! Thanks to my buddy Stephen Dose for getting me a pair.




Kyle Dose (Facebook) July 25, 2016- 5 star review
Well I installed a set of the large diameter suspension grips on my 2015 Yamaha Superjet stand up jet ski and I can't emphasize enough about how well these grips performed! Not only did they perform extremely well, they look great too! The quality and craftsmanship that goes into this product is outstanding! With that said, I have been riding my entire life; dirt bikes, quads, bmx, jet skis, and I have always suffered from arm pump. I especially would have the most difficulty with my right arm due to its grip strength being compromised by either a twist throttle or trigger throttle. Well, after riding my ski for 5 hours, I didn't get my usual forearm pump at all, my hands didn't get blisters at the base of my fingers, and my hands aren't sore the next day. I'm definitely a believer in these grips, and everything I own that has a set of handlebars will be getting these grips installed. What good is having the top of the line equipment if you can't last because of fatigue due to low quality grips? Do your hands and arms a favor and get these grips on your downhill bike, jet ski, bmx, dirt bike, quad, whatever it may be... It will be beneficial to your overall stamina and success.



Daniel James Pitard (Facebook) July28, 2016 - 5 star review
This was a game changer for me. I have lupus and fibromyalgia and the pain in my hands were so bad. I would get done with a 45 minute I couldn't open my hands. One ride on these grips changed everything for me. I now ride 3x a week for a couple hours with no issues. I even did 10 runs at snow summit with minimal issues.  Thanks revgrips. For the game changing product.


Elmer Gonzalez (Facebook) June 22, 2016 - 5 star review
So I've almost quitted riding due to an old injury back in 1998 from bull riding, in that fall i crushed my left radius bone specifically the sphere part that captures the elbow socket, no reconstruction was possible so the only option was to remove it completely. Due to this condition, with the years the complications have emerged, specially in mountain biking, very painful rides and very short due to it UNTIL.... This amazing product landed in my hands, the engineering behind it works so great, having that suspension in my grips is what helped reduced the shock waves caused by hard riding which produces arm pump and for me again, extreme pain in my left elbow ... So every since i have been riding with this now i am not only pain free but also faster going down the hill, my grip is more relax now, i can also have the option to make them softer or harder depends on the trail i will be riding, all it takes is to replace the provided washers so i keep them in my camelback! Big bear riding was another succes, before this i could only ride 3 times and my fingers will get stuck, literally and the pain on my elbow wouldn't let me continue, now i can do at least 6 rides comfortably!!!!! Anyway, awesome product! Recomended, hands down the best $109 i have ever payed....



Christopher Freeman (Facebook) July 14, 2016 - 5 star review
I have had the #revgrips for three weeks now. Less fatigue is the number one takeaway from running these grips. Number two is significant reduction in transmitted vibration from bar to hand. This was noticed most on hardpack chatter trails and definitely rocky terrain. Ran through many river wash areas this morning and blew right through it faster and with better control than before (and I'm pretty good at that normally). Thanks to #revgrips again for this great breakthrough to the mountain biking community and world. Anyone who rides mountain, please try these grips out. You will not be disappointed!



Michelle Beckstoffer (Facebook) October 10, 2016
hey guys! I met u up at snow summit this summer when metzger was trying the grips. I put mine on and man I have to tell u they are worth every penny. they are amazing on my demo 8!!! I was skeptical of the price, but well worth it!!


I ran these on my Giant Reign for most of the 2016 season and I don't think I'll go back to regular grips again. My hands were having more and more issues with cramping every season, to the point that I wasn't riding the lift served bike park right in town that I work at. These grips work exactly as advertised, and allow you to ride quite a bit longer than normal without getting the claw. Bike park laps are back and I had a lot more fun riding this season because of it. As a bonus, the grip tubes themselves don't seem to wear as quickly as a normal grip due to them moving with your hands. You don't really notice the grip movement with the exception of going through braking bumps, that's when you really feel them working. It's pretty sweet how much of the jaw rattling goes away, your hands stay planted and the bike and grips take the brunt of it.

The little bumper things are starting to show some wear now, but Rev includes enough extras to get you through a solid season of hard riding. Also, make sure you torque these to the provided values, I have proven that guessing isn't good enough a couple of times. I have recommended these to a lot of my friends and will continue to. Thanks guys!