About us

First and foremost, we are Mountain Bikers.  Our products are driven by a passion for riding and our objective is to make that experience more comfortable, exciting, and enjoyable.  You'll notice this across our entire product line, from our Patented Suspension Grips, ground breaking features of our Stem, or our unique take on Hand Guards.  We simply manufacture products that break the mold of otherwise stale perspectives on vital components.  We do this with passion and dedication to our core values and we make every component right here in the USA.  

We would like to thank you for checking out our revolutionary products.  RevGrips is a small (and growing) part of a manufacturing facility that has been in business for over 30 years utilizing various CNC technologies (Turret Punch Presses, Water-Jets, Lathes, 4-5 axis Mills, Welders, 3D Printers, etc.).  In addition to RevGrips, we manufacture just about anything from aerospace components and helicopter parts to assemblies for law enforcement. 

In 2006 we started a ground-breaking off-road shock business,  Revolution Racing Shocks.  Back then, we were searching for a better shock absorber.  We wanted one single shock per wheel with the adjustability of a conventional setup (2 shocks per wheel).   Internal bypass shocks were available, but they had to be disassembled to be adjusted.  External bypass shocks were available, but they need a coil shock mounted to hold a spring.  There weren't any solutions, so we designed and patented the only externally adjustable internal bypass shock (long description right?).   A few years and several Patents later, we started mountain biking.

Here at Revolution Suspension Grips we believe that change is a great thing, as long as it is warranted.  We are not a "me-too" company that just set out to make products.  We seek to pave new roads and create new, better products.  After our first trip to Snow Summit Bike Park in 2013, we were shocked with how little we could use our hands after a day of riding.   Each and every day was ended due to hand fatigue as we couldn't physically hold onto our bars anymore.  It became assured that if we went DH at Snow Summit, we couldn't even think about riding until several days later.  We even noticed that on our Cross Country rides, our hands would fatigue, cramp, and numb.  This weighed on us, and we knew there weren't any solutions. 

Hand and wrist pain was just part of the deal, and it seemed everyone had the same problem.  It wasn't until many rides later that we came up with the idea to try and create a true shock absorbing grip.  

After many design meetings and countless late nights, we settled on a preliminary design.  Our goal was to create a comfortable, shock-absorbing, fatigue-reducing, dynamic grip.  We also wanted to make it easily adjustable with replaceable parts.  We knew that when we decided to take on this task, that we would be paving our own way, and we were pretty excited about it.  If it were to ever see the production floor, it would need to make a measurable difference and significantly reduce hand and arm fatigue.  After countless prototypes, plenty of failures, and 2 years of R&D, we have exceeded our design goals.  We have a product we are truly proud of and have changed our whole riding experience.

Fast forward a few years and we now have over 400 part numbers with a full line of Stems and Hand Guards to compliment our Revolutionary Grips.