Race Series Stem


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At $129.95, the all new RevGrips Race Series Stem aims to bridge the gap between "Imported" Stems and Made in USA components.  Just like our Grip System, the RACE Series is a more budget friendly option that doesn't sacrifice performance.

What we have here is a prime example of what RevGrips can do with a solid chunk of USA sourced, 6061 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminum, our in house machine shop, and a goal of competing with imported stems (hint:  MOST component suppliers import their products).

We simply took our Pro Series Stem and chipped away (machinists will understand the pun) at some of the unnecessary details, while producing something we're proud of that doesn't tie up our CNC machine for 90 minutes like the PRO Stem does. 

Available for 35mm Handlebar's in our classic Gray/Black colorway only. 

You may even notice very intricate "machine lines" on our stem as we aren't trying to hide the fact that they're CNC machined.  We've decided NOT to polish them away as we think you'll appreciate the imperfect beauty of CNC Manufacturing just as we do. 

All stem bodies (the part that clamps to your steerer tube) are available in matte Titanium Gray.  All Faceplates (the part that clamps to your handlebar) are available in matte Black.  For color options as well as our optional trail bell and accessory mount, choose the PRO Series Stem (Here)  Race Stems will not accept a trail bell or accessory mount.

We've tested our stem well above industry standards on our own in-house machine as well as had them tested for compliance to the ISO standard for bicycle safety at a 3rd party facility.     

The Stem includes the Body, Face Plate, and Hardware.

We do NOT offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee for the Stem.  That Performance Guarantee is for our Grips ONLY.  We stand behind ALL of our products and Customer Satisfaction is #1 around here.  If you're not satisfied, give us a call or email and we will take care of it.  

Technical Spec's:

Handlebar Diameter: 35mm 

Length: 40mm, 50mm

Stack Height: 40mm

Rise: 3 degrees

Weight:  40mm/35 Bar/152 Grams - 50mm/35 Bar/166 Grams


Race Series Stem
Race Series Stem
Race Series Stem