Suspension Insert Ring


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This is a complete replacement set of 4 Suspension Insert Rings.  This All-New design makes RevGrips SIGNIFICANTLY more user friendly and an absolute breeze to assemble.  The best part is you can use these on ANY existing set of RevGrips whether you have Pro, Race, SLI, or GripShift.    

The Pro/Race Series are a Medium/Firm insert that that can be used with or without tuning washers.  If you use this insert without washers, it will feel fairly firm but will have some twist and vertical compliance.  Add different thickness tuning washers for softer feel.

The GripShift/Firm Inserts are the hardest we offer.  This is an optional tuning option for any RACE or PRO series grip for riders looking for a more firm grip setup.  This is also the standard insert for GripShift Grips since they only use ONE insert to suspend the grip.

The Race Series (Red) are the original style inserts used BEFORE the insert ring.  They're still available for riders who prefer the ultra-soft feel and are compatible with ALL RevGrips sets.  

Suspension Insert Ring
Suspension Insert Ring