Shock Absorbing Insert Set (18pcs.)

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This is a complete replacement set of 18 (2 extra) Shock Absorbing Inserts.

The Race Series (Red) are the softest inserts and are designed to have a medium/soft feel with twist and vertical movement without the use of tuning washers.  Add tuning washers to soften them even more if desired.  

The Pro Series (Black) are the harder inserts and are designed to be used and adjusted with tuning washers.  If you use this insert without washers, it will feel fairly firm but will have some twist and vertical compliance.  Add different thickness tuning washers for softer feel.

The Eliminator Inserts (Amber) are the hardest inserts we offer.  They do not allow the grip to twist so initially they feel much like a traditional grip.  The benefit with these inserts is that your grip remains isolated from contact with your handlebar and with a slight amount of vertical compliance.  This is a great insert for riders who do not want their grip to move but want to benefit from the most comfortable grip on the market.