Return Policy/Money Back Guarantee


We are so confident that you’ll be impressed with our Grip System, we’re willing to back it up with a 30-day, money back guarantee.  Give them a shot, try different settings, and put some miles on them. Try them back-to-back with standard, fixed grips. You will really appreciate the improvement.

There should be no comparison in performance and comfort between a set of RevGrips and traditional grips (i.e., every other grip).  If you don’t feel the improvement, contact us first so we have an opportunity to help out.  You've most likely got the wrong size.  Size is the MOST important aspect of any grip and we've got 8 of them.  Think of it like purchasing the wrong shoe size.  It won’t matter how comfortable they’re supposed to be, without trying the proper size, you’ll never know. 

We can and will exchange sizes and colors if they're not right for you.  Having the wrong size or color grip doesn't help either of us and customer satisfaction is our #1 concern.

If we still can't get you dialed in after trying some changes, send them back to our address below in their original package, in “non-damaged” condition.  We will refund the full purchase price of the system (excluding shipping costs).  Buyer is responsible for return postage and we will not accept packages with postage due.

Details for Money Back Guarantee:

Returns must have an RMA#.  Returned packages without RMA #'s or original packaging will not be refunded.  Return must be received at RevGrips HQ within 30 Days of purchase from (address below).  If you purchased through a dealer, check their return policy as they may not accept returns on used merchandise.  We cannot refund money from an order we did not receive directly.  Our Guarantee is for our Grip System ONLY and does NOT apply to any other product.

Non-damaged means no scratches or blemishes on any of the clamps, bar ends, or sleeves.  We understand sleeves will be used but if you run your handlebars into multiple rocks while shredding Whistler, please don't expect a refund.  We do not issue partial refunds. 

If you’ve received a replacement part/parts due to user error, it voids your money-back guarantee.  The most common example is over-torqueing a clamp screw causing it to strip or break a clamp.  If this happens, we will replace the clamp/screw free of charge even if it was an installation error.  Since we've now replaced a damaged component with a new one the money back guarantee is void.  We're always available to help with setup, installation, etc., but once we've replaced damaged goods, a refund is off the table.

Return Address:

9434 Abraham Way
Santee, CA  92071