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Our SLI (Single-Lock-Integrated) system is ONLY compatible with the IBIS Hi-Fi or Lo-Fi Carbon Handlebar.  The Handlebar is NOT included in this price.

If you've already got an Ibis Hi-Fi or Lo-Fi Handlebar (with the blue threaded ends) and want the cleanest RevGrips system we offer, you're in the right place.  If you're the rider who needs every millimeter of real estate and likes to ride out at the end of the bar, this is also a great choice. 

So what's this all about and why even change anything?  Well, because we like to challenge ourselves and we all like options.  We also feel that each customer suggestion deserves a consideration and one of the biggest suggestions has been to design a single lock-on grip.  Although that's a great idea, it's nearly impossible to "suspend" a grip with only one side attached to the handlebar.  It is essential to the performance of our system that the grip be completely suspended.  

Enter IBIS and their new HiFi/LoFi handlebar which is a premium Carbon Bar with threaded aluminum inserts at each end.  We then make our own extensions at 780mm wide (800mm upon special request) which accept our all new SLI System.  For us to achieve that "single-lock" goal, we needed to integrate the outer clamp into the handlebar.  This allowed us to combine the outer clamp and bar end into one Ultra Narrow piece that threads right to our custom Handlebar Insert.  

Is this a replacement for our Pro Series System?  Certainly NOT, but we all like options.  Is it expensive?  Well, it's $10 more than our Pro-Series setup.  You're basically paying for a Pro-Series kit and the added cost is for the custom machined handlebar ends that integrate into the IBIS Handlebar and accept our SLI Endcap.


It's the same suspension grip that outperforms every other grip on the market (go ahead and read any review out there)

Integrated Aluminum Bar End/Clamp for an ultra durable grip that will not break apart on impact like a typical single lock system.  

Grip location puts your hands a total of 11.5 mm further outward compared to our standard Pro and Race Series Grip System. 

All Race and Pro Series parts can be used with this system.

The 30-Day Money Back Guarantee DOES NOT apply to this system.  

Everything listed below is included in the price of this system.  Each SLI System is built to order so please allow a few days for processing. 

- Custom 780mm Handlebar extensions (800mm upon special request)

- (2) Grip Sleeves    - (2) Anodized Aluminum Clamps  -(2) Anodized Caps    - (4) Suspension Insert Rings -(8) Tuning Washers    - (3) Clamp Screws  -(2) End Cap Screws   -(1) 2.5mm Hex Wrench    - (1) 3mm Hex Wrench